Terminsavgifter och buss/lunchpengar insatta

Allt går bra för våra fadderungdomar och vårt projekt. Nu har vi satt in Saras andra terminsavgift på 2350 kr och Abbis förskoleavgift för en termin: 800 kr. Vi har även skickat över buss och lunchkostnader för maj och juni för alla 4 ungdomar; 3160 kr. I Abbis förskoleavgift ingår buss och lunch. Alla är mkt tacksamma för allt stöd från sina faddrar och sponsorer. Ni kan här läsa Saras senaste brev som hon skickade 1 maj.

 Dear Sponsor/s

   I am glad to let you know that my studies in school is good so far. I just finished level 3 which is an equivalent to diploma a month ago. I am currently doing my level 4, meanwhile I am preparing for my B1 examination which will be due three months from now. Our exams are usually set by an international body in France. As is it now am just burring my head with books as B1 is a little complex. I am working extremely hard to achieve the best, I am therefore hoping to perform well considering the fact that you have made it possible for me to study without having to worry about school fees. I signed up for speed lingua which is a module put in place to help with listening and hearing exercises. It also improves one's pronunciation skills. It's fun and am loving it :) Thanks a lot for the continued support towards this course.




Personligt brev Sara

Dear Sponsor,

                    I am hoping and believing you are fine, first  and foremost  I  am writing with regards to formally introduce myself  to  you. My name is Sara Kwala. I am 26year old Kenyan lady living in Nairobi Kenya, I am the 5th born in a family of six and I am a single parent to a 2year old boy. He's name is Abbi. I am an open minded individual ,honest and above all hardworking. In life I do dance for a living. I am a contemporary dance artist based in Nairobi,I also do other form of dance but my specialty is in modern dance. Besides that I am currently studying French at an institution in Nairobi called Alliance Francaise . I intended to study dance in France mostly because there are good dance schools and also because there are no institution that teach dance in a structured channel in Kenya. Personally I have been trained informally through dance workshops and dance residencies. Apart from school I like traveling,browsing the net,reading,listening to music,watching movies and mostly doing out doors activities

            Finally I must say thank you for stepping in to assist me with my school fees and I want to assure you that I will do my best to ensure I get good results.I believe being knowledgeable is the key to independent living aspiration and all hopes. Thank you in advance and may God bless you





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