Personligt brev Sara

Dear Sponsor,

                    I am hoping and believing you are fine, first  and foremost  I  am writing with regards to formally introduce myself  to  you. My name is Sara Kwala. I am 26year old Kenyan lady living in Nairobi Kenya, I am the 5th born in a family of six and I am a single parent to a 2year old boy. He's name is Abbi. I am an open minded individual ,honest and above all hardworking. In life I do dance for a living. I am a contemporary dance artist based in Nairobi,I also do other form of dance but my specialty is in modern dance. Besides that I am currently studying French at an institution in Nairobi called Alliance Francaise . I intended to study dance in France mostly because there are good dance schools and also because there are no institution that teach dance in a structured channel in Kenya. Personally I have been trained informally through dance workshops and dance residencies. Apart from school I like traveling,browsing the net,reading,listening to music,watching movies and mostly doing out doors activities

            Finally I must say thank you for stepping in to assist me with my school fees and I want to assure you that I will do my best to ensure I get good results.I believe being knowledgeable is the key to independent living aspiration and all hopes. Thank you in advance and may God bless you






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