Letter from Antony: My progress

> It has been a good and wonderfull experience being attached at
> an international airport in nairobi.During this time(six months
> attachment)has been realy challenging and which needed alot of hard
> work n percervierence because i was working during the night and it
> has been of great help and knowledge to me.
> My next expectatio is to go to a flying school of which i need
> more sponsors to this.To your knowledge the flying school has got
> three classes which after every completion you get a pilot licence,the
> AIR TRANSPORT PILOT LICENCE.Having all this you can be able to fly any
> plane.It is to my wish that you help me get all this.My attachment
> ends this december.Now i have one more final exam thats for the
> licence exam which i want to do before the elections which will be in
> march 2013.

Brev från Antony:To my lovely friends in Sweden


Am Antony Mwendwa Kyalo in TRANS EASTERN AIRLINES AVIATION COLLEGE doing a course in flight dispatch officer.This course has 11 subjects which are as follows:















It's a course which needs alot of hardwork and dertermination and am prepaired for all because to pass the exams you need to have a passmark of 70% in each subject..we also do a Contineous Assessment Test(C.A.T).I hereby thank all my sponsors for a great honour to sponsor i and my other three colleagues in wayo  wayo and to tell you that school is fine and am working so hard to achieve my goals..TACK TACK.

Brev från Nairobi!!!

Nu har vi fått fina brev från våra vänner i Nairobi. Ni kan läsa om hur de mår och hur det går i skolan för dem. Och om 12 dagar åker vi ner till Nairobi för att hälsa på dem och följa med dem och få se deras skolor. Det ska bli så spännande! Vi kommer att ta foton och filmsnuttar från vårt besök och lägga ut dem på bloggen efter vår resa. Vi kommer att vara i Kenya 25/2-12/3. Vi längtar och räknar dagar :)
Antony börjar sin skola (flygteknisk) den 1 mars och vi kommer att vara med honom på hans första skoldag. :)
Ett stort tack till alla faddrar! Vi behöver dock fler faddrar till ungdomarna för att täcka deras skolresor. Så vet ni någon som vill bli fadder så be dem höra av sig till oss!

Kevin Mose

hej first i will start to thank the one sponsoring me for my study, school
is good we started well with the study this is my fourth week and so far
am some were and working hard in school now soon i will be able to make
cars my plans now is to look for client and start to make cars and by time
i will have many customer and start my own garage i realy thank tinge
tinge group for making our dream come true and giving us this special
opportunity to go to school thanks for very thing

  • Richard Ouma
  • Hi, fast I want to thank you all for taking me in school
  • with your money, so that I can learn something which is going to help me
  • and my future family and that is mechanic. I' m doing very fine at the
  • school and the teacher are also good with all of us, I' m telling you that
  • I will do my best until I achieve my dreams. Thank you very much,
    • Hey It's been a year since I began my studies at Allianc
    • francaise of Nairobi. I am grateful for the sponsorship I received throug
    • the Swedish- Kenyan project ,I have been able to continue me studies. I a
    • currently in level 3,which is an equivalent of a diploma. Level 3 is
    • little complex but at the same time I have been utilizing the facilitie
    • we have in the school to help me with my studies and the extra
    • work(homework ). We have an advanced library with modern facilities,stud
    • rooms,theatre and a multipurpose hall for extra curriculum activities
    • Today I received the results for the international delf examination (A2
    • which I took last year in November, I had a total of 71% which is abov
    • the average marks required. I would say I like the college a lot and me sky is my limit. I am working hard to achieve the best results and most
    • of all am thankful to my sponsors for making this journey a reality.
    • Thank you



Personligt brev Antony

Am antony mwendwa kyalo aged 20 years of age.currently am a dancer in wayo wayo africa but also have some goals which i would like to achieve in future.Due to financial constraits it may be difficult to go to school and later achieve them.I am born in a family of four being tha second born of the four boys beside a loving mum.my interest and thoughts about my future is to be a greatfull person working in an airport  so that i can be able to support my family in different ways.


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