Brev från Sara, Richard och Camilla

Dear sponsors,

Happy new year greetings to you all, hoping you started off 2013 well. Im fine and thankful to God for the life brought this far. It is my pleasure to let you know that I secured myself a place at the University of Nairobi last year in December. Like i mentioned earlier in my previous letters, I had placed my application and was only waiting and hoping that am among the selected successful candidates. I am now a student at the University of Nairobi taking a degree in Education with study subjects being English and Litterature. I was also privilaged to have been accompanied by Camilla Friberge who attended the registration and orientation session at the campus. I am only half way to completing the full registration process. I have an admission number and currently attending classes. The pending registration process that needs to be completed include, having a medical report filled and signed by a doctor, an affidavite signed by a lawyer and completion of the fee balance for the first semester.
I like my current school so far and all i have to do is excel in my studies to graduate with first class honors.
Abbi is fine too and is now in pre unit level, he has a new teacher now and still loves and enjoys going to his school. We are both grateful for the continued support. Thank you



Good evening to all my Sposors for Swenden? I hope you all had a great time on Christmas and New Years Eve!!! I had a great time with Camilla and my friend too on Christmas and New Years Eve, we celebrate at my place and everyone was very happy.

I wanted to write this Email to you long time but we got a very big problem at home, my family has been surffering alot, my mother was thrown out of the house because of the rent. please please if you guys can do something to help my mother I will give a very BIG THANK more than ever in this world.

For my school I will love to move it, I'm just waiting for a call from where I was schooling before, they will call me for my certificate to look for another school again. So my plan is to go to school for one or two more year depending on what school I will find. I will apply for a new school in some weeks and want to learn more about vehicles.



I got home two weeks ago after spending Christmas and New Year in Nairobi. I had a nice time with my friends during my stay there and I got to see how they celebrated the holidays. The thing that most reminded me of Swedish traditions was when we had a gingerbread house competition at Kevins. It turned out to be more difficult to make the houses then I expected since it was so humid. We had to be creative and we had alot of fun. Of course all the houses where very nice, it was tough so I am proud to say that my team won the competiton ;)

When I was at Richards one day me and Antony had the chance to meet the new youths that have joined our project. They showed me what they have been doing during the fall, like dancing, singing and some acting and we also had the chance to talk.

I followed Sara to register at her new School, the University of Nairobi. She have now started with her studies to become a teacher :)

On Christmas day me and Sara was at Richards together with all the new youths and they had been cooking food all night long so many children and youths came and got something  to eat.  

I also met Paul who was in Kenya to visit his family and friends for the holiday.

Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that we in the tinge tinge project will be able to come back and visit Kenya and all our friends in the end of march.




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