New letter from Richard


   Hi and how are you doing with everything that you are doing? I hope all is well and all of you had a nice time.   I want let you know that I am doing good in Kibera.


 I will love to let you know that I will not be in Nairobi for three day, I will be going in Eldoret to some test for my mechanic skill. This trip to Eldoret the school or I can say the garage that I am doing my lesson will be responsible for everything to get us there and also to come back in Nairobi too. It will be very hard test but I know that I will pass. The exam will start on 24th of this month and ends 26th, on 27th we will be back in Nairobi again.


  I will like to tell you that I have been having two youth groups here in Kibera, one youth group have been selling and also cooking crisps so that they can at-list get something to eat. And the other group is not well settled but am trying all I can so that every parson can achieve his/or goals in life. I am doing this because of the police in Kibera, they have been killing youths almost every day. like today one of the youth in Kibera has been killed, and no one know how and why. This are the thing that I want all the youth to be as one thing. And also this are the main thing that I wanted to came in Sweden too. I'm sorry to tell you this, my eye are with ties as I'm writing this letter to you.


  If you see that you can help me with my idea please do so and I with all the youths will be very very THANKFUL or you can also tell your friend about this.


 She has given you a very big thanks for what you have done for her and us too,
now we can say that we have a place to call home.


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