New letter and pictures from Sara

Dear Sponsors,
I am writing in regards to my school. I am doing fine and my son Abbi is fine too. I am now studying at the University of Nairobi's main campus. I am doing bachelor of arts in Education. My study subject is Linguistic and English literature. We are about 800 students taking a common units and about 90 in Literature class. The University is quite big and has modern tech facilities which facilitates easy learning. Next month I will be sitting for my first yeat examination and in August I will be begining my second year of the study. Learning has been fun so far except that we are given huge work load with includes assignments,term papers, research and presantations. That only requires extensive reading to be able to achieve good grades. Abbi is doing well in school too. I talked to his teacher a while ago and she said that his class work and performance are good. I was suprised the other day when he came home and started counting numbers 1 to 10 in french:-) I told the teacher that maybe learning two languages would corrupt his English but she said they only learn the basic so it wont be a problem. The only challenge I have at school is finding internet to be able to execute my task. All in all we are very greatlful for the continued support. Thank you all and be blessed:-):-)

Sara sent us these pictures from Abbis graduation 16/11 2013.

Hi to you all,

I am hoping you are all doing fine, We are doing fine as well and thankful for the life brought this far. I am writing in regards to Abbi's school performance. The third term of this years school calender came to an end last Saturday the 16th of November with the preschooler graduation ceremony grassing the day. Abbi was among the graduates and he did exceptional well in the end year exams. He has been promoted to standard 1 come January next year. This means that the schools have closed for December holidays. I have attached copies of his certificate and school report from his teacher for your perusal. Thank you and have a wonderful festive season:)





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