Visiting Kenya Easter 2013


Sorry for the late response but it have been busy days since we got home both for us teachers and also for the youths in the project with their school and some of them have graduated.

When we were in Kenya we started our leadership program with some sports activite days with the children from St. Cathrines school in Kibera. The first day was abit challeging since we got many very small children but we all did the best of the situation and ended up having a lot of fun together even if we had to adjust the exercises we had planed to do. The next day when we met the older children from the school it was easier and very fun too. It was good to see the Swedish youths and Kenyan youths lead the younger children in such a good way and they really had good teamwork all together.

In Mombasa we had our leadership camp and each day we had discussions about different topics regarding leadership in some way. And we also talked alot about childrens rights and equality. In Mombasa we also had the chance so try many different sports activites like swimming, football, vollyball, go cart and rugby. And during the warmest hours of the day we also had time to chill abit, suntanning, reading or playing games like ludo or othello. Of coruse we also danced and listening to good reggae music too. Richard brought his computer and his speakers so we were very happy :)

Ann and Camilla


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