Letter from Camilla and Kevin

Hey everyone!

Now I have been home for some weeks after my last visit to Nairobi. I went there this summer to visit our friends and I had a great time as usual :) This time I visited Kisumu too and an old time favorite Mombasa.

I stayed at Sara’s place with her and Abbi and they are both doing great. Abbi is growing so fast and this time he did speak to me in English which was very nice since my Swahili is not that good at all. Abbi is doing great in school and I know Sara will soon write more about that on our blogg. Sara is still studying French and will finnish that course in December.

Antony is also doing great and are now doing his attachment at the ariport in Nairobi. He work there several nights a week. So right now that is taking most of his time.

Richard is fine too and are doing his attachment in a garage. He have some time left at his attachment before he will do his exam in December.

Kevin is fine and he have just finnished his attachment and will now soon come to Sundsvall for a month. Most welcomed to Sundsvall Kevin, from all of us in Tinge Tinge. Looking forward to see you around.

Greetings from Camilla

Here you can read the letter from Kevin.


I would like to thank all my sponsors for taking me this far. As you know I was in attachment for 3 months and it has been successful, I have learn a lot and have got good skills. This semester we practice and rehearse what we have learned so far in school, I have been granted a permission from school to this work in Sweden. So I am bringing my books to study for my exams, and will be in Sweden from the 29 of September and staying for a month with my fiance. I met  her when I was in Sweden December  2011. She has been here during the summer. We had a lot fun and got to know each other better, she got the chance to meet my family, relatives and friends. Now when I'll be coming to Sweden I will get the chance to meet her family, friends and relatives. 

 From Kevin Mose



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