Fler brev från ungdomarna i Nairobi

 Hej igen!
Här har ni breven om en vanlig skoldag från Antony, Richard, Sara och Abbi:

From Antony:             
I wake up at 4:30 am i take a shower and prepare myself  and head to the bus stop at 5:30 am to board a matatu and this i do it thrice a week and the other days i wake up at 5:30 am and go to the bus stop at 6:30 am in order to avoid traffic jam.most of the days i don't usually take breakfast i do it at school at 10:00am at break time.

                 My classes always start at 8;00am in the morning  and one lesson is 1 hr up to 4:00pm in the evening.i do 13 subjects and my favourite subject are navigation general,principles of flight, aircraft general knowledge,flight planning and meteorology because these are the main subjects that you need to make your base with in flight operations.we have best of lecturers who are experienced in the line of aviation and one of them is my idol who was a captain in the kenyan airforce that challenges us and motivates us to do flying after the flight operation and doing flying one day is my dream.

                  Our lunch is at 1:00pm and at these times i ussually go and have french fries bt not everyday because you must finance the 10000ksh for two months which is not enough because the bus fare has gone up and you need to plan it well because the buses do hike up the busfares when it rains and in the mornings and evenig going back home.

                   My classes end up at 4:00pm in the evening and at this time i rush home because of rush hour and traffic jam so that i will be home at around 5:45pm or 6:00pm so that i relax my mind from a long busy time at school.i have a cheerful family whom we do chat and make jokes oftenly during in the evening and when taking dinner.when everybody has gone to sleep and after i have relaxed i do take my books and study from 10:00pm to 12:00 midnight because at this time i have humble time to study and it's also very quiet at night..

                   On weekends i do study for two hrs and do other activities like going to wayo wayo for dance training,listening to music,watching football and playing football..and also any other of my activities fall in the weekend because i have to study hard and get the pass mark of my subjects which is 70 prcent in all of them...that's the schedule for everyday of my school days..thank you so very much.









From Richard:
Hi to all of you? I hope you are all doing fine what ever you are...

   Okay fast I'm going to talk about how I'm going in school,

    I use to wake up at 5:30 and I reach school in 7:30, and the lessons start at 8:00. Same times I don't take breakfast  when I'm going to school, I only take it two times a week. and also lunch I take it like every day and dinner too, but it is very hard here to gate a lunch and dinner every day in kibera.

  for the bus fare it has come to the wast part, I have been using 310 per day for the bus fare. It is very hard even same times I try to run all the way to school with out eating anything at home.

In school we are doing four lesson. I have so many friends in school, and they are really good friends to be.

    we end lesson 3:10 and going home at 4:00. In the evening I do my homework if I have some homework to do. My family are really doing fine and they were really happy to have Ann and Camilla at home.

              Thanks allot for your help, you have been very kind to me. I don't really know how to pay you bark

                                                May you all live long life....




From Sara and Abbi:

  I am glad to let you know that am fine and doing great! I am on the other hand pleased to inform you that am doing alright with my classes. I am currently talking two sessions that is business french and general french. Its a packed schedule and by the end of this month I will be done with one session after which I will sit for an exam. I am well prepared and I hope to do well:)

  On a normal school day I walk up at 3am or 4am depending on the workload I have from school.I am generally an early riser. I then study for approximately 2 hours. After which I take a shower,prepare breakfast then at 6am I start preparing Abbi for school.we both have our breakfast at around 6:30am and by 7am Abbi's school bus picks him up for school. I then leave for school almost immediately. with heavy traffic jam in the city I usually spend 1 or 2 hours on the road depending on the flow of traffic. I get to school around 9:30am and my first class starts at 10am till 12noon, the second class starts at 12 to 2pm. on Tuesday and Thursdays i have the business class in the evening which starts at 5 to 7:45pm, On Monday's  Wednesdays and Fridays After school I study in the library till evening,sometimes I attend dance sessions if there is any performance am working on. I leave for home at 7 in the evening and it takes me 2 hours to get to my place. When I get home I have to help Abbi with his school homework,have dinner then if I have pending school work I finish it up. I go to bed usually at around 11 after having prepared Abbi's school uniform for the next day.

  On weekends since I dont have school i wake up at 6am on Saturday,I go for yoga session at 9am and at 1pm am back home to do some house cleaning and laundry. In the evening I sometimes make my bead works,do new designs and I love it a lot. I also have a blog for my design called mabintidesigners.blogspot.com On Sundays I go to church with Abbi and in the afternoon we visit my sister or friends or sometimes just chill at home.

 The best part of my study's at school is the conversational session , presentations and debates.





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