Glada nyheter från Nairobi!

Jambo! Hej!
Vi fick just reda på att Richard nu har klarat sitt körkort!!! Han har jobbat hårt med det i två månader nu och har nu körkort för både personbil och lastbil! Så kul och vi har gratulerat honom! Vi önskar honom nu lycka till på sin praktik där han snart ska börja. 

Vi fick idag brev från Sara som ni kan läsa här i bloggen:
Dear All,

It is my pleasure to write to you in regards to my schooling and Abbi's. We are both fine! Currently am in my final year of my diploma course in bussines french. I still have regarly classes on weekdays,though i now have the same classes in the evenings! Basically with that shift of time i have ample time to use the school facilities during the day. At my current level we are tackling subjets on enterpreuneuship,marketing, presantations and matters around world of business. I enjoy it alot and it feels empowering:-) i therefore have 3exams to sit for this year! I missed an exam that i was meant to sit for in March due to un avoidable circumstance and so it has been reschedule for December 8th. The other two exams are in August and October. I am still working hard to be well prepared for the examinations. I also have an interest to pursue a teaching course at the university of Nairobi when i complete my business french course. I believe with a degree

course in education backed with my knowledge of french, i will be in a better position to secure myself a job as a teacher. My interest is teaching english literature, french and dance. Abbi on the other hand is doing well in his work. He can now communicate in simple english and above all i still see he's growth developing gradually. All i can say is he loves school alot and gets excited whenever he's leaving home for school. Last term he did great in thier school evaluation test and his teacher remarks that he's an active kid in school and participates fully in class,he doesnt shy from answering questions. That would be all for now. Wish u well :-)




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