Brev från killarna: New letters!

Jambo! Hejsan allihopa!
Nu har vi fått brev från killarna. Här kan ni läsa om deras skolgång och de är så tacksamma. Idag fick vi även den glädjande nyheten att Antony fick den praktikplats han sökte och han ska börja imorgon! Så kul! Alla våra vänner mår fint och hälsar. Camilla ska åka ner och hälsa på dem i Nairobi snart. Hon åker den 18 juli så om ni har någon speciell hälsning eller vill skicka ett brev med henne så går det fint. Richard skriver i sitt brev om att han behöver köpa egna verktyg för att använda i skolan så är det någon fadder som vill bidra till detta går det utmärkt att sätta in det på vårt konto och skriv då verktyg, tack! Eller så åker ni ner till Nairobi med en verktygslåda! ;) .... =)
Glad sommar på er alla!

This is my second month in attachment for mecahical and its called kick motor service, it has been a great experience in attachment seen i had to know alot from different cars and how to handle costumers, i usually wake up at 6am prepare so i can be at the attachement on time it abeat far from school. i work from 8am to 6pm or atimes i finish at 8am if we have alot of work and has been good the manegement has been good to me i dont get paid but they appriciate my work, and i would like to appreacite for the surport that you have given me everyday that passes i gain something and i feel important to the communitry 
from kevin mose

Dear sponsors, I hope you are all doing very fine. I will love to wish you all a very wonderful week.
I'm doing very much fine in school, we have been opening engines and other part of a moto vehicles. The only problem I have in school is the tools. Tools is the most important thing to have in a garage. Without tools is hard sometimes but not always, because I can borrow my friends or even school. I'm requesting if it's possible for you to help me with the tools, I will be very much thankful.
I was also going for for a driving school and now I have already did the final exam. It was excellent, I'm just waiting for driving licence now.
What I know and for sure, I will never let you down for all the thing you have dan for me. You have dan a lot in my life, I don't know I will ever pay you back, but I will make sure that I have achieve my dreams.
Thank you all....From Richard Ouma
I am delighted and happy to write again and so greatful in my heart,i
got my diploma certificate of flight dispatch officer and waiting to
do the licence exams because the KCAA that's the kenya cival aviation
authority says that you can not do the exam without having attained
the age of 21 yrs old and having done a minimum of three months
attachment.I have been taking my CV'S to various companies which one
of them named EUROCRAFT had called and i had an interview with
them,after one month they called me to ask if i had the certificate of
good conduct which i had to take from the C.I.D headquarters.After
getting the certificate i informed the company which am then currently
waiting for their reply.I will be very much happy if i get to do my
attachment with the company to which i will start having going towards
my goal in my dream in life,in future i would love to train and be a
pilot.I will keep you informed about my progress.thank you From Antony Mwendwa


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