Hälsningar från Wayowayo till Faddrar.


i will love to thank the tinge tinge project for giving me the second change in sweden, it has been a joyfull experience

and different from the first trip, the first trip was warm and we had short time, but this trip was long and alot off things to do for x-mas eve and cold with the snow but now we are used and happy to be here, and some skying its an experience that i will remeber all my life, am realy greatfull to all the friend how made this to happen and the surport for me to go to school.

have a happy new year




It was a good experience visiting sweden again and meeting our sponsors,having shows at different occasions,having workshops at schools and doing some of the winter activities.At first it felt too cold for us and how the swedish survived during winter so i had to experience winter time and by now before going back home to kenya it feels like we are now used to the winter and the swedish living style..i want to thank Camilla Friberg and Ann Danniellson for a great programme and for everything they have done in this project....second i need to thank the sponsors for the nice time we met and spoke and had dinner together and for supporting us in school and lastly i need to thank the host famillies for taking us in and we lived like a fammilly....i am filled with joy and if i was to say all good things that all of you have done to me and to others i would stay here for the whole day and more days writting....thanks for everything.... yours ANTONY MWENDWA


Holle to all of you, fine I hope:) I just want to thank all for the great things that you have been doing for us all, we really had fun to be here with you all as family in Sundsvall-Sweden.

It has been very good that we met our sponsors, they are very good and kind, I will pray very hard that they may live a long life in this world. And also the workshop we did was really good than ever.

Have a happy new year all of you







Dear Sponsors,

I am hoping you all had a merry x mass and a good festive mood on. I had a remarkable x mass that I will long live to remember:) It has been 3weeks now since I have been here and so far I have really enjoyed my stay. When I first got here it felt extraordinarily cold that I asked myself several times how I will survive in this cold weather:) Our swedish friends on the other hand has kept us warm with warm winter clothes and am thankful for that. The first three weeks we had a busy schedule with performance and dance workshops in school and I must say we had a great time teaching. It has been a good experience for me learning the most of the Swedish culture in particular the X mass season,I have also learnt alot from my host family the youths here and tried to enjoy the cold weather. At the moment it feels like I have gotten used to the cold that I even forget to take my jacket with me when leaving the house:):)

I just want to say thanks for all your love and support and mostly the hospitality that you have shown us:) I also want to thank Ann, Camilla and the Tingetinge youths for all the hard work they have put to make this jorney a success.May you all have a prosperous 2012 with lots of dreams in the making:):)





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