New letter from Sara and Abbi

Hi again, all the youths are doing fine now. Sara has been sick for some time but are now feeling well again and about that you can read in her letter. Richard and Kevin are now having final exams and they are doing excellent. We are very proud of them! Now when they finished their exam they will also write us letters about their progress and future plans. Antony is still having his attachment at the airport and he is doing fine. We are also expecting a letter from him before Christmas.

Camilla is going to visit all the youths for Christmas and New Year. She will leave 14th of December and return in the beginning of January. If you want to send something to the youths talk to Camilla before she leaves.

Information to all the sponsors about next years payment will be sent to you in a separate letter that will be sent in a E-mail in January.

We are most thankful for your support in our school project.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

Dear Sponsors!
I am hoping you are all fine and of good health! I am doing fine just recovering from typhoid and Abbi my son is alright to:-). Just to update you on his progress in school,i must say he has greatly improved alot,in his school report that i recieved at the end of the term,he can recognise and write numerics from 0 to 100,he can do simple addition and subtraction,has mastered names of the alphabets and sound,he can read three letter words and simple story books as well as speaking in English. His teacher acknowleges that he is very active, participates well in class and shows lots of interest in science. School are on December break and the boy has been promoted to pre-unit(next level of elementary education) on my side i have since sat for two international exams and got my results,i had a pass in both papers and am currently revising for my final exam that is scheduled for 8th of December. Bussiness french class has been an interesting and challenging area of study,in my case interesting in the sense that i have learned a lot in business world,i have also develope both analytical and critical approach to my area of study and challenging since the terminologies are totaly different from the general french i had done earlier! I can say for sure that am ready and well prepared for the exams! I was in Bukina faso for a month for a choreographic residency where my dance project was selected during a dance workshop in Nairobi. While i was there i had made an arrangement with my teacher who was kind enough to send me school notes online. As much as i was creating my dance piece i had spared 2hours in the evening to catch up with the notes and study at the same time! Mean while i had a pplied for admission at the university of Nairobi to persue degree in education and am still waiting to hear from them. Am thankful for the continued support. May God bless you all!


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