News! Nya brev från ungdomarna

Here are letters from everybody. It´s so nice to here from our friends. Soon they are coming here, only 50 days! :) They will come to Sundsvall 2/12 and will stay until 4/1. They will visit many schools and preform alot. We will have a busy month together and of cuorse a lot of fun!

Hallo my sponsors.Am doing good and working really hard in school.In
october am having exams,trials and end term exams so i must work and
revise very hard.Tommorow 22nd september 2011 we are going to the
airport so that we can go around the airport and experience some of
what we were taught in class.i know that it will be a very interesting
session.Thank you.Your's faithfull ANTONY MWENDWA KYALO

 Dear Sponsor
I hope you are fine,am writting in regards to Abbi's wellbeing in his new school. He is in his 3rd week since he joined his new school and from my judgment,i get the feeling he likes the school alot. He gets excited whenever his going to school. The school hours favours him well considering the fact that he is growing. School starts at 8 and 3pm while in his former school it was the contrary. Generally he is progressing well:)

Regards Mama Abbi

 To my good sponsors from Sweden, I hope you are all well.

I'm writing this letter to tell you I'm doing very fine in school, now we are about to find a place of working practicals, and that is garage. the only problem we have is to find the tools. tools is the main problem we have in school. By the way I'm very sorry I did not tell you if I reseved the money that you for the transport. Sara give me the money

Thank you all. Richard

Hallo, I hope you are all well, I am doing alright,everything is fine at school. I am currently on my second session of level 5. I had to change class when i got to this level since just a few of us in my former class wanted to continue. Its a more advanced level and generally what we do is more practicle,doing cv's,presentations,debates,research,writting articles among others. I sat for my B1 exams a month ago and am at the moment preparing for my B2 exams scheduled for November. I also have a good teacher who's playing a major role in my line of study. I therefore extend my gratitude for the continued support towards this course. Thanks to you all.

Hej min van!

I hope you are all fine! am o.k. I would like to thank all my sponsor for the support that they have gave me throw my studies, school is good a lot of practice this is my 8th month in school and their is a big difference since i started till now soon i will be an engineer and i would love to continue with my studies and have more skills and help the society one day. thank for the support

your faithful Kevin


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