Personligt brev Kevin

Hey am Kevin mose 21year old and in a family of four three boys one girl am the third born in our family my sister she is married and my big brother he has a wife and two kids to take care I and my small brother are the one left  and my lovely mother how have been struggling with us my dad passed way when I was ten years  so we have been with my mum seen then until now and my mother had no job she was a farmer so she used to educate us with the money she gets in the farm after selling some maize and beans it was really hard for her but she struggled.

   I went to school until high school and after that I went to computer  school but I didn’t finish because of money that’s when I started to dance with wayo wayo I was introduced by a friend how was in the group seen that day I have learn a lot especially to talk about drags to pass massage to the community and meet deferent people across the world throw the group have been to this group like five years and what I wanted is to be a good dancer in the world and help the other to know their talent and I have achieved to help some of the youths in the slums to become good dancers.

   I wanted to go to mechanic school my ambition is  to make cars and one day I will own my cars and have my own garage and employee some people I wanted that because my dream  was to become a rally driver  one day and maybe I will become world champion I love car especially Volvo Swedish car they are really good  and I wanted to sell car to have my own car shop one day I choose to do mechanic because here in Kenya to find job is very hard so with mechanic I can do  self employment open my own garage with good capital and maybe open my own car shop and its flexible to work I can dance us the same time make cars.

 I do dance as my profession and I don’t get good money to sustain me it’s very little today you get tomorrow you don’t so it’s very had here in Kenya I would love to do it all my life because it’s my passion dance makes someone happy when he or she feels sad, if I could have a chance to go to school I will be the happiest Kevin ever and maybe teach some dance to school. Thanks for your time and I hope my dream will come true one day kram kram!


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