Camillas besök hos ungdomarna i Nairobi

Abbi with his friend at school. August 28th 2011.  
Hi everyone!

The last three weeks of my summer vacation I visited Nairobi and met our friends from Wayo Wayo. It was as always great fun to see them all again. I did many different things I, visited a museum, helped Sara to move to her own place, saw her performance, visited Abbis school, met the youths families again, met the children in the library, saw the juinor Wayo Wayo perform in Kibera, visited Richards running training, attend a wedding, and I also tried learn some Kiswahili during my stay there.  And one more thing…I did spend many hours in traffic .... traffic in Nairobi is so unreal. Now I and all of the Tinge Tinge group are looking forward to see our Kenyan friends in Sundsvall again in December.

// Camilla Mansolahti Friberg



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