Bli fadder till Saras son!

Abbi Linet Nyatunge

 Saras brev om Abbi!

Abbi is turning 3years on third of February, he goes to school at church army academy which is a church based institution,he is in beginners class. Last year he was in a different school and i had to transfer him to his current school because he had develope a habit that i didnt know how to go bout it,one day in september he come from school stammering and i thought he would out grow the habit but when the stammering persisted i become worried and more concerned. I talked to a doctor who mentioned that Abbis condition could be as a result of fear or he could be imitating a stamering child in school and in most cases stammering starts at 3yrs in children,3 out of 4cases outgrow it.

Abbi joined church army Academy this month,its a private school with average standards. I manage to get him school uniform, books and paid part of his fees. I had requested the head teacher to allow me to pay in two instalment this term. I have a balance of 7,500 ksh . His school fee is 6500ksh,2000 ksh for school bus,2000ksh for admission and 400 caution money. In total is 10,400ksh and i have paid only the admission fee and 900 for fees. Above all Abbi loves school and he is very active at home:) he is too playful and also very sharp. Any support towards helping him achieve education is highly appreciated :) i am able to mail you the fees structure and the contact details of the school,have a blessed evening and thanks for everything:)

Love from his Mother

Sara Linet Nyatunge


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